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At Amazing Thai Cuisine Broken Arrow, serving customers in the Broken Arrow, OK area, you will find a great selection of authentic Thai cuisine—one of the most popular styles of Asian food. With more than 20 years’ culinary experience, you will love the authentic style of Asian food our chefs will prepare for you. Our restaurant is proud to share the culture and heritage we bring from Thailand with your family.

What types of food will you find on our Asian menu? Our Thai influence lends itself to an incredibly delicious style of Asian food that mixes sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and spicy tastes to create a visually stunning and totally delicious dining experience.

We recommend you try some our signature dishes, including:

Crab Rangoon—An appetizer with crab meat, green onion, cream cheese, and special sauce.

Chicken Satay—Marinated chicken grilled on a stick and served with homemade peanut sauce and cucumber salad.

Tom Yum Soup—A Thai classic made with your choice of chicken or shrimp, featuring a tangy lemongrass and lime juice broth with Thai chilies, tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, and cilantro.

Papaya Salad—With chicken or shrimp, this authentic salad has shredded green papaya, fish sauce, garlic, palm sugar, crab sauce, tomatoes, lime juice, and roasted peanuts.

Yum Woon-Sen—Available in seafood and chicken varieties, this dish comes with clear bean noodles, onions, tomatoes, cilantro, lettuce, and lime juice.

Curry—Curry is one of the most well-known styles of Asian food. Sample classic Thai curries such as yellow curry, red curry, Panangcurry, green curry, Massaman, and roast duck red curry.

Noodles—Try classics such as Pad Thai, Pad SeeEw, LahdNah MeeGrob, and Pad Kee Mao.

Fried Rice—Be sure to try the famous Thai Pineapple Fried Rice!

Sweet Rice with Mango—If you enjoy fresh mango and sweet, sticky rice, you will love this dessert!

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